Church Example

Below is an example of the current code being used for our local church.
I have used the include method for user friendly updates.
The top left shows the mission statement.
The right shows a bible verse daily automatically. While my wife does this monthly you can set it up once and leave it to run on its own.

My wife also updates the news column as we get word of what is going on around town.

The “Did you know” area is updated by another church member from their home. They have a login page to easily update the area they are in charge of.

The “Pastors Pondering” is updated via the Pastor also via his home by accessing a login page. The Pastor also updates the Prayer list as you can see in the text links above.

When someone ask a question the pastor can see it from his login access and can answer it. When he answers it, the question and answer will automatically show on the website.