Get Paid to example

Get paid to aka GPT websites have been around since 2005. My wife stumbled upon one when I was driving over the road. She had just given birth our beautiful baby girl and she was looking to earn a little money online. I remember calling home and hearing her excitement about how much she had made through this website she found.

I also recall her disappointment and anger when they refused to pay her. She went on a research mission all about how they work. She made it very clear she wanted to be on their end. She knew she wasn’t the only one the company was stealing from. Here the members are working all day earning fifty cents here a dollar there to reach a minimum payout that the company refused to pay, then would block the member from their account.

Before we went to college we set up a small gpt website and tested the waters. We did very well and so did our members and we donated a large sum of money to our church to help a local family with bills. Then it was off to college. While in college life kicked me hard and I ended up disabled. I than turned all my attention to learning web development in hopes of setting up a massive gpt website to help others; and that is where you have arrived–here!

So some back ground, what is a gpt website? well it was explained to us as this: companies would rather spend funds on advertising by whatever means to save money on taxes. Okay that makes some sense right?

Now I don’t know how much tax credits they get on how much they spend on advertising. Nor do i care. I am ready and willing to accept that money. Now the CEO of the company is not going to advertise themselves. They have delegated that task to another member who is also very busy with life. They may have a budget to use and they turn to online adverting companies aka online marketing. They take the info and funds and send it to their online members aka publishers. The advertiser shares the funds with the publishers who than use that how they feel. They might devote a website to that one company item ( which companies can have many items). Or they might do like what is most common create a gpt website, get some members and share those funds with their members.

Now the person tasked to getting advertisements was told “hey you! I need you to go spend $5,000 on advertising, I don’t care about customers really only that it will save me a chunk in taxes. I ain’t bought to pay them brasses anymore than I have to.
Id rather give it away”. Not really but that’s how I see it.

They go the marketing agent who sets up a campaign. They might split it in different way for example spend an amount on PPC (paid to click) campaigns and what that is they set up a link to say o enter to win a car. All the member would have to do to be paid is click on the link. There are email campaigns, that is to capture an email to send emails from the company to the interested client. There is sign-up campaigns, that is a member is paid to sign-up to a website or product. There is also a sale campaign which is payment upon when a sale happens.

How much paid out varies on many levels. It is determined by how much the company pays the marketing agent–than how much the marketing agent is willing to share with their publisher-how much the publisher is willing to share with their members.

Some marketing agents require a min. amount be earned from the publisher before they send them a check. And that can trickle down to the gpt members.